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Video Tape Conversion Process

1.       Load VHS tape to be converted into DVD/VCR Recorder.

2.       Load blank Lightscribe DVD-R into DVD/VCR Recorder.

3.       Hit the Copy VHS to DVD buttom.

4.       Once recorded, go into Disc info, and type in Title of Program.

5.       Finalize DVD.

6.       Put DVD into computer and run DVD Copier program to copy.

7.       Load blank Lightscribe DVD into external DVD drive.

8.       Start DVD Copier.


Make 3 total copies of the DVD.

Print 3 DVD Sleeves for cases.

Put 1 copy in Video Circ, 1 in Reference, and 1 in the Archives. Take the VHS tape from AV collection and move into Archives to protect the original recording.

All copies will be added to the library collection and the archive database.

The DVD will be converted into Windows Media to be put on the Archive website.


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