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Archives Collection Development Policy

The SCC Library will systematically collect, organize and provide access to relevant documents, objects, photographs, publications, video recordings, computer files, reports, etc. which reflect or capture some historical or cultural aspect of the College.

Among the goals of the historical archives:

  • Gather, organize, store and preserve these items/objects.

  • Provide access to these items, both physically and electronically.

  • Display the collection.

The Historical Archives collection will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Official College documents, Self-studies, etc.
  • Bulletins, newsletters, schedules of classes
  • Publications issued by College documents
  • Faculty, staff and student publications
  • Annual reports
  • Papers, photographs, etc., related to people who have contributed to the character and development of SCC
  • Minutes of Area Commissioners meetings, Presidentís Council, Advisory Committees, departments, etc.
  • State and local government reports concerning SCC
  • Architectural drawings and blueprints of the physical facilities
  • Programs of events scheduled by the College, including
    • Student Award Programs
    • Graduation Programs
  • Photos and videorecordings of events, gatherings.
  • Interviews and writing of College faculty, staff and administration.
  • Newspaper and online articles about the college and employees
  • Snapshots of College websites
  • Pictures of College landmarks
  • Written history of the College
  • Manuscripts, papers, and correspondence of distinguished faculty and alumni
  • College logos, stationary, letterhead, trademarks, etc.
  • Memorabilia of historic value or demonstrating College culture
    • Coffee cups, signatures, stamps, etc.


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