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The Evans Academic Center, SCC's downtown Spartanburg campus, regularly publishes an newsletter highlighting important events and information. It's called The Scribbler after the old Spartanburg High School yearbook.
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2014-08-EACNewsletter.pdf PDF Document 1.6 MB
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2015-09-EAC-Newsletter-The-Scribbler.pdf PDF Document 439.1 KB
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2018-01-EAC-Newsletter.pdf PDF Document 2.7 MB
2018-08-FALL-EAC-Newsletter.pdf PDF Document 6.2 MB
2019-02-Spring-EAC-Newsletter-The-Scribbler.pdf PDF Document 6.3 MB
2020-02-SPRING-EAC-Newsletter-The-Scribbler.pdf PDF Document 5.5 MB