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The Adjunct Faculty Handbook collects relevant college documents, procedures and information that new adjunct faculty need to know.
Filename Type Size
2009-2010-Adjunct-Faculty-Handbook.pdf PDF Document 1.2 MB
2010-2011-Adjunct-Faculty-Handbook.pdf PDF Document 1.3 MB
2011-2012-Adjunct-Faculty-Handbook-FINAL-2011-Revision.pdf PDF Document 4.1 MB
2011-2012-Adjunct-Faculty-Handbook-Jan2012-Revision.pdf PDF Document 4.1 MB
2012-2013-Adjunct-Faculty-Handbook.pdf PDF Document 4 MB
2013-2014-Adjunct-Faculty-Handbook.pdf PDF Document 3.1 MB
2014-2015-Adjunct-Faculty-Handbook-Revised-ADA.pdf PDF Document 1.7 MB
2015-2016-Adjunct-Handbook-Revised-ADA.pdf PDF Document 3 MB
2016-2017-Adjunct-Faculty-Handbook.pdf PDF Document 1.8 MB
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