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The Academic Review Committee met regularly in the late 2006-2008s to review changes to college curriculum. In later years, it was replaced by the Curriculum Review Committee.
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2006-09-21-Academic-Review-Committee-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 26.7 KB
2007-04-12-Academic-Review-Committee-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 21.4 KB
2007-06-07-Academic-Review-Committee-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 30.4 KB
2007-06-21-Academic-Review-Committee-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 23.3 KB
2007-07-12-Academic-Review-Committee-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 24.1 KB
2007-11-15-Academic-Review-Committee-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 32.8 KB
2007-11-29-Academic-Review-Committee-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 17.6 KB
2007-12-06-Academic-Review-Committee-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 27.8 KB
2008-02-07-Academic-Review-Committee-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 28.7 KB
2018-10-05-CRC-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 345.2 KB
2019-01-31-CRC-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 160.3 KB
2019-10-04-CRC-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 356.3 KB
2020-01-24-CRC-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 210.1 KB
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