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For a number of years from 2001 - 2010, the Vice President of Academic Affairs held regular staff meetings with her direct reporting staff.
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2001-05-22-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 22.8 KB
2007-11-26-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 32.5 KB
2008-02-25-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 89 KB
2008-03-07-AA-Staff-Called-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 29.6 KB
2008-04-14-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 86 KB
2008-05-26-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 171 KB
2008-06-16-AA-Staff-Called-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 35.5 KB
2008-06-30-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 94.4 KB
2008-07-07-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 62.4 KB
2008-07-28-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 79.4 KB
2008-08-25-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 92.1 KB
2008-10-13-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 43 KB
2008-11-17-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 49.8 KB
2009-01-26-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 68.1 KB
2009-02-16-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 56.6 KB
2009-03-16-AA-staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 56.7 KB
2009-04-20-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 148.8 KB
2009-05-02-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 80.7 KB
2009-07-20-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 81.5 KB
2009-08-24-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 88.6 KB
2009-09-21-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 76.2 KB
2009-11-19-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 73.4 KB
2010-01-25-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 147.6 KB
2010-02-15-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 100 KB
2010-03-15-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 117.2 KB
2010-04-19-AA-Staff-Minuts.pdf PDF Document 118.2 KB
2010-06-21-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 115.9 KB
2010-07-19-AA-Staff-Minutes.pdf PDF Document 136.1 KB
2010-08-23-AA-Staff Meeting.pdf PDF Document 122.9 KB
2021.02.08 DR Minutes .docx Microsoft Word Document 44.4 KB
Advisory Committee & Team Captains .docx Microsoft Word Document 25.1 KB
DR Minutes Aug 3 2020.docx Microsoft Word Document 33.9 KB
DR Minutes Oct 27 2020.docx Microsoft Word Document 37.2 KB
June 17 2020 DRAFT DR Zoom Meeting.doc Microsoft Word Document 53 KB
May 19 Zoom Meeting.doc Microsoft Word Document 49 KB
May 26 DR Zoom Meeting.doc Microsoft Word Document 51 KB
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